Women's Month


The way women work . . .

Just before Women’s Month closes, we’d like to take a moment to talk about how women around the world are uplifting not only their families, but their communities and thereby, the economy.

Sadly, this month also brought reports of women being hit, not only by men, but even by other women. We should be outraged – and many in South Africa were and took to social media to say so. The solution is to speak up against violence in any form. There is never a time when violence solves an issue – and it teaches our children that hitting is better than speaking. It isn’t . . .

As part of any child’s education, we think showing them the path to solving issues through talking and negotiations is vital to their future, and those of their spouses and children one day. Overall, education is one of the key ways to teach negotiation skills and give people the tools they need to overcome obstacles in a reasonable manner.

Being one of the three pillars that United Way South Africa uses to uplift communities – education, health and income – we know that our youth are bright, friendly and able to live with purpose. What they need is education and guidance, which they will pass on to generations to come.

Women are key in every country’s struggle for fair education for all, being the Mothers of the Nation and our future leaders. They are the first example a child has – and, when treated well by their child’s father too, children have a better chance of a balanced and healthy attitude to all human beings.


With that said, the annual ‘Standard Bank Top Women Awards’; which recently took place honouring some of the most exceptional women leaders in various sectors in South Africa, is a great example of some of the women leaders we look up to . To see who made the finalist list, refer here: https://topwomen.co.za/awards/#Finalists2017

Among the stand-out women was South African legend Yvonne Chaka Chaka, who was recognised for her lifetime commitment to women's empowerment. The winner of the award for 2107 was Lynette Magasa of Boniswa Corporate Solutions, who started the company with two employees. Today she employs over 170 people in South Africa, southern Africa and France.

Ms Magasa is in the process of launching an office in Canada, and is the United Nations representative for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Africa.

Her quote: “I can honestly say that behind a successful woman is a bunch of women.”

United Way South Africa would like to congratulate all these exceptional women. There are many, many women in our country who are heroes. Not all of them will win awards – but all of them deserve to be noted daily.

May Women’s Month always remind us to uplift each other daily – women, men and children.