In the continued struggle against COVID-19, United Way South Africa (UWSA) has since raised their hands to tackle challenges faced in under-served communities.

UWSA, the local United Way organisation, which is part of the United Way Worldwide (UWW) movement; has been at the forefront of distributing COVID19 relief care packs to under-served communities in need. This response has been made possible by generous donations from multiple donors as well as individuals and other partner corporations and foundations.

On the 22nd of December 2020, UWSA distributed care packs to 100 families in the community of Prieska and Carnarvon, Northern Cape. The care packs contained a month’s supply of groceries to feed and sustain a minimum of 6 people per family - impacting 600 individuals directly: including children, the elderly and the disabled. The packs also contained hygiene products, helping them survive this difficult time for the entire month.

These vulnerable communities in the Northern Cape were referred to UWSA for attention by Carrick Wealth and beneficiaries included families and individuals who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and now find themselves in need of nutritional food, fresh water, sanitation, hygiene, and COVID-19 PPEs. These are people who have no income or grant, disabled people who are struggling, elderly people who have no other income in their households as well as children.

United Way Worldwide has been helping communities in need for more than 130 years. The scale of the COVID-19 crisis and its far-reaching impact on people’s health, social mobility, income and job security – factors that are essential to wellbeing - has posed new challenges and UWW – as the Global Organisation, made a generous donation that enabled us to continue our mission of advancing the common good by creating lasting change in the communities we live.

At UWSA, we leverage the unique contributions of diverse individuals and organisations and are enriched by local knowledge and expertise in creating better lives for all.

“It is always very heartwarming to receive help for our community. We know most of the people well and see their daily struggle, yet nothing is done to help them. The last time some people in the community received a few parcels from the municipality, must have been in May/June 2020. We live in a very poor community with very few resources and almost no job opportunities other than the part time farm jobs, mostly for the men. I am very thankful for any help that comes our way, it really made my year better and I feel like I also mean something to the community even if I am just the middleman. We are really thankful and want to thank everyone at United Way South Africa for helping our community.” Said Janika Louw - Carnarvon CHC and also a Volunteer.


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