Together, We Can Win the Fight Against COVID-19

United Way South Africa sent out an appeal for donations of clothing, blankets, books and games for our vulnerable communities during this Covid-19 crisis.

Christine & Fritz are a Dutch couple who are downsizing  after being in their home for more than 35 years.  Fritz had a stroke and  is bedridden. He is an avid reader and he  donated his beloved books  so someone else can drive pleasure and escapism from them. 

Christine who is  an avid cook, donated many of her cookery books. Together there are more than  100 novels and cook books history books in pristine condition which they hope will bring some joy and to those who have been neglected and forgotten. The distribution of their books will be to  school libraries, old age homes and to one of our partner non profits’ MEALS ON WHEELS HADDON,  who do a tremendous amount of cooking for the underserved communities.

Together, we can beat COVID1-19