Behind our work, there are people who Give, Volunteer and Act to make our communities a better place to live in.

Volunteers are the backbone of the United Way movement. They contribute their time, expertise, and talent to improve lives in their communities.

It does not matter how younger or older you are, anyone can be an advocate for CHANGE.

Tanya’s family have always been firm believers of GIVING and 8 years ago, they decided to start an annual charity drive called ‘pay it forward’. For 2021, Tanya Dillon and her family decided to join United Way South Africa (UWSA) by becoming the organisation’s advocates for change and dedicated United Way South Africa to be the beneficiary of the drive.

Tanya has always seen the difference that United Way South Africa does through one of the employees - Vicky Sepp, who collects any kind of donation: food, clothes, shoes, bedding, toys etc., things that may not be of value to the donor but are a treasure to the most in need.

Due to the challenges that comes with the COVID-19 pandemic, Tanya’s family decided to focus on something that will keep people safe but still enable them to give. Against all odds, Tanya encouraged people to purchase baby items online and make them delivered to her address. To date, we are very excited and amazed to see how amazing this initiative is going.


Here’s what ‘giving’ means to Tanya:

“My family and I have always been firm believers in that you should never have something in your home, that you don’t use, or like, that somebody else would treasure or greatly benefit from. Therefore, I have always donated anything I don’t need to either an SPCA shop, or the homeless.

But it was not until my husband’s uncle Hayden Docking passed away 8yrs ago that I started an annual charity drive, called “pay it forward” in honour of him. Hayden was an incredible human that was so kind to everyone he met and left a big void in our lives, so on his birthday every year, 6th Feb we choose a charity to focus on and all our friends and family go above and beyond to donate (we have people who did not even know him donating now). Because of “pay it forward, “people contact me now with donations throughout the year, as I was willing to take them to various places/ charities.  

My husband and I moved to JHB and still finding my own feet and learning my surroundings and I found myself not knowing where the donations would be the most appreciated. I was told to contact Vicky from United Way South Africa.  I found the charity has been amazing, it’s great to know that we can send Vicky a hodgepodge of things and they will be sorted and go to where they are needed the most. I think a lot of people have things they would like to donate but don’t know where to take them and are maybe a bit daunted to sort through them. 

I believe that “if you shine a lantern for another, it will also brighten your own way”. View Instagram video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CK1XmImJdIA/?igshid=jxz1rz2qj2jt

United Way South Africa would like to extend thanks to Tanya Dillion and her family for joining the fight against the most pressing needs in South Africa.

Together, we improve the lives of millions of people. Volunteer your time or lend your voice to a cause that matters to you.


If you would like to give to this cause, kindly contact Vicky Sepp (Major Gifting and Stakeholder Manager - UWSA) on +27 786180394

For more information, you can contact United Way South Africa at: Email: info@unitedway.org.za |Website: www.unitedway.org.za