The Heartbeat Woman Conference 2023

Heartbeat Women Conference

With the start of a beautiful new week,filled with excitement as to what lies ahead,  there are moments that shine like beacons of hope, reminding us of the incredible power that resides within us.

Having attended The Heartbeat Woman Conference 2023, this past weekend which was hosted by the remarkable Ps Lillian Van Der Westhuizen of NBCFC invited United Way South Africa to be part of a movement where women from all walks of life gathered to "Rise up in Splendor".

As we reflect on this extraordinary event, we can't help but feel the electrifying energy that pulsed through the conference. It was a gathering that united hearts, dreams and passions under one radiant theme : "Rise up in Splendor".

This theme served as a clarion call to women everywhere to step into their own brilliance, to Rise above adversity and to embrace their inner strength.

What made the Heartbeat Woman Conference 2023 even more inspiring was its commitment to other causes greater than itself. The conference generously donated towards our Human Trafficking Program, underscoring the power of collective action. 

As we continue on our respective journeys may we be reminded that each one of us has the power to rise above the challenges, embrace our Splendor and contribute to meaningful causes. It was a testament to the strength of unity,  the beauty of empowerment and the limitless potential of women everywhere. Let this be a catalyst for personal growth, social change and the continuous rise of all women, in Splendor and Grace.


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