COVID-19 Clothes and Blanket Donation Drive

United Way South Africa has established a ‘clothing and blankets collection drive’ and is very excited to invite you to be part of this exciting initiative.

As part of the #Covid19 relief efforts, all items collected are donated to vulnerable homeless men, women, and children, currently at the homeless shelter in Johannesburg.

Clothes and blankets are some of the necessities they need in order to help them survive during these difficult times.

Due to the lockdown regulations, all donations are collected from donor’s location, in or around Johannesburg.

We have already received a positive response to this and would like to thank those who are coming on board and joining our #Covid19 relief efforts by contributing to our clothes & blanket drive.

Everyone can be part of the change. We therefore, encourage individuals and corporate companies to see this as an opportunity for employee engagement. Employees can take part in our #Covid19 relief efforts by giving clothes and or blankets. You can also contribute by raising awareness through all your social media platforms and encouraging others to drive in-kind donations.

Even though we are in lockdown, we encourage you, as an employer, as an employee to be an advocate of change, accept the challenge and also challenge others in your family and friends to join in.

To donate, kindly contact Vicky Sepp on / 078 618 0394 or you can inbox us with your details and we'll contact you.

Together, we can overcome #Covid19.