UWSA and 3M Continue to work Together to Advance the Common Good in Underserved Communities.

Johannesburg, South Africa: Since the Pandemic took hold of the world, the Science-based technology company 3M joined with not-for-profit organisation United Way Worldwide (UWW) to support COVID-19 relief initiatives across Middle East and Africa that helped the most vulnerable people in society impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Last year, 3M and United Way Worldwide rolled out almost USD 700,000 pledged by 3M in June 2020 to support relief projects in Sub-Sahara Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya out of the funding of USD1,875 million allocated to programmes across the EMEA area. Read more [1]

It has been few months since the nationwide protects in South Africa that led to utmost violence - leading to a recorded number of at least 212 people killed.

What began as a political demonstration led to destruction, not only in Durban — but in the administrative capital of Pretoria and the largest urban centre, Johannesburg.

The ramifications are now felt by most South Africans, along with the Covid-19 pandemic. The shocking events of the past few months have put significant strain on people’s economic status.

United Way South Africa is committed to standing with our communities and supporting those in need, in difficult times. It is our duty to continue to support the local underserved communities and have teamed up with 3M once again, to support with:

  • Provision and distribution of Food and Hygiene Packs that support a family of 6 for one month (Access to food security has become quite dire for the residents of KwaZulu Natal (Durban).
  • Provision and distribution of medical care packs.

Our beneficiaries include patients that are COVID19 positive – we would like to be able to support them in their recovery process.

  • Provision of transportation to identified marginalized and underserved community members so that they can access vaccination sites.
  • Provision of freshly prepared hot meals on vaccination day.

We aim to touch over 3000 lives directly in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

United Way has been helping communities in need for more than 130 years, but the scale of the COVID-19 crisis and its far-reaching impact on people’s health, social mobility, income, and job security – factors that are essential to wellbeing - has since posed new challenges.

United Way South Africa would like to express thanks to 3M for their continued support. Through collective community impact, we bring about long-term change to communities in need, together. LIVE UNITED.


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About United Way South Africa

United Way South Africa (UWSA) is a local non-profit organization with a global footprint. It unites and connects all sectors of the society - individuals, business, non-profit organisations and government - to create long term social change. It mobilises the collective caring power of communities to produce healthy, well-educated, and financially stable individuals and families. UWSA envisages a nation where all citizens have access to equal rights and economic opportunities. LIVE UNITED!

We envision a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives.

United Way Worldwide is privately funded, with a network spanning more than 40 countries and territories across six continents. It serves 61 million people across the globe, supported by 2.9 million volunteers and 8.3 million donors.

[1] The impact of COVID-19 across the continent of Africa has been harsh and widespread. The loss of jobs, schools and educational programs that have closed due to COVID-19 lockdowns led to increased hardship on families that relied on them for childcare, meals, and academic provisions.

In South Africa, USD 220,080 grant was awarded to United Way South Africa (UWSA). UWSA worked with 12 implementing partners across 4 provinces in South Africa and 221 volunteers who served an estimated 1,868 volunteer hours - reaching over 5000 homes, touching 31,770 lives directly & over 180,000 lives indirectly.