Join the Fight to Address Human Rights Issues

Human Rights Day

Issue In Brief

United Way South Africa, with the help of the community would like to address two issues affecting our society and create impact towards these issues.

In South Africa, every person has rights and these rights are well enshrined in the bill of rights. The bill of rights is a cornerstone of our democracy and it states and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom. Access to sufficient food is one of the rights that all South Africans have. The statistics implicate otherwise, showing that many South Africans are vulnerable to food insecurity, this leads to nutritional problems causing stunting, low body weight and malnutrition.

Education is key to improving the lives of disadvantaged people in South Africa. The more people get educated and gain higher qualifications, the more likely they will be employed. The reality in our country is that students from poor backgrounds face financial stress. Free Education will help mitigate some of the financial burden. Students are still faced with other issues including poverty which has direct correlation to poor performance in learning institutions. High school graduation rate is another issue that needs to be addressed. There is a 50% drop out rate of learners from primary to high school phase.


United Way has several projects in progress. Please click on the following link for an overview of our organisation and programmes, LIVE UNITED.

We currently have 2 programmes that are running and addressing the right to education and the right to sufficient food.

  1. Youth Success Program

United Way South Africa (UWSA), in partnership with Cummins Africa, have developed a bespoke ‘Youth Success’ programme for grade 9 pupils in two schools within the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. These schools are Ivory Park Secondary School and Ingqayizivele High School. The programme is aimed at equipping learners with the knowledge, experiences, and tools that are required to make informed curriculum subject choices, improve their grades and clearly understand the requirements needed to access higher education and career opportunities.

In South Africa, high school learners in Grade 9 are expected to select subjects that they will pursue up until Grade 12. These subjects are normally associated with the career paths that learners would wish to pursue for the rest of their lives. Without sufficient information on the correlation between curricula and careers, learners usually associate success with merely passing high-school and thus choose subjects that are seemingly easier to pass and not necessarily aligned to their strengths or careers of interest.

In response to this, UWSA has developed targeted interventions that will support learners from the respective Grades in order to ensure that they excel in the classroom and have every opportunity for success during and after high school.

In partnership with Cummins, UWSA aims to:

  • Conduct a Skills Assessment with Cummins Human Resources staff on all grade 9 learners in order to unearth the strengths of each learner, align those strengths to potential careers and ultimately equip learners with the knowledge to make informed subject choices.
  • Conduct a battery of Psychometric Testing with professional Psychometrists from the University of Johannesburg. A psychometric test has several advantages for a student who is at the age of selecting a career. These tests helps the students to understand their skills and talents and can guide them with the help of a career counselor about the careers that can be suitable for them.
  • Here is more information on the benefits of psychometric assessments.
  • Host a Career Day at each school in order to showcase the skills, attitude and aptitude required to become successful in a career.
  • Conduct Holiday and Weekend Tuition Classes in order to improve the performance of academically challenged learners in Grade 9.

Funding required:

UWSA requires growth funding to scale the programme into more public schools.

Funder Benefits:

Employee Volunteerism opportunities, BBBEE (SED) points, Brand Recognition.

  1. Urban Agriculture Programme

United Way South Africa (UWSA) in collaboration with the City of Johannesburg (CoJ), Department of Social Development (DSD) is currently implementing the Urban Agriculture Programme (UAP) across 7 regions in Johannesburg for over 600 farmers. The programme is a 5-year initiative that aims to capacitate emerging farmers and their respective farming organisations into sustainable businesses that will supply grocers, restaurants and corporate partners. Through this initiative, UWSA and The CoJ aim to address the challenges associated with poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition, unemployment, and survivalist entrepreneurship in vulnerable communities across Johannesburg.

Funding required:

Funding is needed to support the skills development and capacity building of black smallholder farmers. The training will cover Business/Entrepreneurship Training and SETA Accredited Technical Training.

Funder Benefits:

Employee Volunteerism opportunities, Direct impact on BBBEE Scorecard on Enterprise and Supplier Development, Skills Development and Socio-Economic Development.


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