United Way Helps South Africans Achieve Their True Potential

One of the key drivers to the high level of youth unemployment is the fact that fewer than 50% of young people finish their high school education with a Matric certification. The current education system does not provide adequate alternatives for learners who cannot cope with rigors of mainstream education and thus those who drop out of high school are continuously faced with the challenge of attaining gainful employment in a market where the majority of employers require a Matric certification as a minimum prerequisite within their recruitment policies.United Way South Africa is here to help.

Our Goal

We aim to play a leading role in capacitating South African youth by convening the key stakeholders within the Education sector and co-creating interventions that address the high levels of unmatriculated youth in our country. Our aim is to improve the skill and education of these youth while creating opportunity channels for employment amongst our corporate partners. 

Our Strategy

Our strategy is focused on creating renewed educational opportunities for South African youth.  It is safe to say that formal qualifications play a key role in driving long term income growth opportunities. Every un-matriculated youth that comes through our programmes will have the opportunity to further their education through matric re-writes, trade learning and enrollment into the City of Joburg’s Massive Open Online Varsities (MOOVS) situated across Johannesburg.

How You Can Help

Partnerships are what we thrive on. Whether you are corporate company, government institution or an individual, we need your energy and resources in order to achieve our goals. Contact us for more information on how to help.