Deloitte Impact Day

In support of Deloitte, United Way South Africa is pleased to participate in Deloitte's Annual Impact Day by spreading their message about #ImpactThatMatters. Deloitte's message about their initiatives are as follows:
Friday 9th June 2017, Deloitte professionals come together in 80 cities across the country to work on more than 1,000 projects for nearly 190,000 collective hours of service.  Together, we help tackle community and societal challenges on Impact Day - and year round.
Through these efforts, Deloitte's focus is on helping to strengthen our communities – whether it’s helping diverse, underserved groups reach their full potential or assisting community organisations –which in turn can help strengthen a country’s future workforce and its economy.
How are you making an #ImpactThatMatters?
We invite organisations to share how they are making an #ImpactThatMatters throughout the year. Sharing your impact could take a number of forms:
·         Create an Instagram photo or video
·         Shoot a YouTube video
·         Post a tweet
·         Write a blog post
·         Share a Twitter video
·         Create and share a LinkedIn long-form post
Use the #ImpactThatMatters hashtag and let us know that you have a video or a post
by reaching adding @DeloitteUS or the
Some of the #ImpactThatMatters stories will be posted on our social media platforms as well as on the website.
You are also welcome to retweet or share content that Deloitte and others share with #ImpactThatMatters
United Way SA will be following Deloitte’s events on social media, and ask that you reTweet and share widely for this incredible cause.