United Way South Africa (UWSA) is pleased to announce the release of the Request for Proposals (RFP) for its 2019 Holiday and Weekend Tuition Classes project. The RFP will cover the programme period of 20 January 2019 – 15 December 2019.  The Grant will be awarded for a period of one year. 

About United Way South Africa

United Way South Africa (UWSA) is a non-profit organisation that unites and connects all sectors of the society - individuals, businesses, non-profit organisations and government - to create long term social change. United Way South Africa fights to improve Education, Income and Health in vulnerable communities in South Africa.

 About the Programme

United Way South Africa looks to implement the Holiday and Weekend Tuition Classes set to start in January 2019 until December 2019. The Holiday and Weekend Tuition Classes target 400 academically struggling grade 9 learners in Ivory Park Secondary School in Ivory Park and Ingqayizivele Secondary School in Tembisa. The programme looks to improve the academic performances of learners that are repeating grade 9 and those that would have been pushed to grade 9 in 2019..

The project schedule is as follows:

  • 35 Saturdays
  • 2x3 days Holiday classes

Submission Requirements:

The following represents the requirements for successful submission and consideration for funding by United Way South Africa.

  • The proposal should be completed in 12-point font
  • The narrative should be no longer than five pages, excluding the coversheet, and the detailed budget.
  • Attachments required include the implementation plan, detailed project budget, references and past experiences.

If you have any questions regarding this Request for Proposal (RFP), please do not hesitate to contact us. We are willing to talk 1-on-1 with interested parties to ensure that the information contained within is easily understood and consistent throughout. We welcome inquiries into the funding process, and look forward to innovative and creative ways that UWSA may partner with the community to move learners forward in the coming year.

Proposals should be submitted via email with agency name and project heading 'Holiday and Weekend Tuition Classes' in the subject line to:


Proposals are due by 12:00 pm on: WEDNESDAY, 19 DECEMBER 2018

Late or incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Selection criteria

Each proposal will be assessed by the project committee and scored according to the following criteria:

1. Programme review

  • Programme description: Programme proposal describes the services that will be provided.
  • Programme structure: Programme proposal explains the service activities, times, frequencies, locations, and are conducive to unique learner needs.
  • Programme collaboration: The proposal describes the program ability to collaborate and how the impact of the collaboration will be measured.
  • Programme outcomes: The proposed programme provides a thorough description of the specific outcomes and indicators.
  • Programme reporting: The proposed programme provides a thorough description on data collection methods, measurement process and tools used.

2. Organizational capacity

  • The applicant organization possesses the staff, volunteers, space, equipment, and general organizational capacity to implement the work plan.
  • The applicant organization has the capacity to effectively manage and implement activity with parameters of the UWSA policies and procedures

3. Programme Budget

  • Does the proposed budget make financial sense for a project of this caliber?
  • Proposed annual program budget for grant period.
  • Proposed expenditure details for grant award amount.

 Award information

Successful applicant will enter into an agreement with UWSA that specifies the award amount, deliverables, outcomes measures (programme and community), reporting requirements and partnership responsibilities, and time period of grant award.

Reporting requirements will include monthly reports, mid-cycle, year-end reports that show programme reporting on outputs, outcomes and impact.

The successful applicant will display UWSA signage on all facilities and display the logo on all correspondence and publications including websites.

On an ongoing basis, the successful applicant will participate in UWSA activities and special events such as Day of Action and so forth.

Agreement will be awarded for a period of one year

General Tips on Submitting Proposals

  1. Have someone unaffiliated with your strategy read the proposal for clarity, spelling, grammar, and explanation of acronyms.
  2. Write for the reader unfamiliar with your strategy.
  3. Coordinate with all staff involved with writing the proposal for consistency (budget, narrative, etc.).
  4. Brevity and clarity are strongly encouraged.
  5. Cite all references and other sources of evidence.



Request for Proposals Issued

11 December 2018

Request for Proposal Meetings

11 – 18 December 2018



Proposals Due on email

19 December 2018

Proposal Review

20 – 27 December 2018



Grant Awards Announced to applicant organisation

27 December 2018

Agreement signed

07 January 2018